Monday, August 27, 2007


There doesn't seem to be a day when some religious fanatic decides to give the world a freakin break from spreading mayhem. Everyday some moron blows some place apart..or even worse blows himself apart..(talk about sacrificing your life for a cause)...apparently it's what their religion tells them to do....and they expect the world to believe them....i guess they don't care about the world in self denial of the fact that what they are doin is madness. And doing it in the name of religion is the biggest mistake ever. Thanks to these morons a religion seems to have taken the blame for everything wrong with this world.
My country has been on the receiving end of this bloodshed for decades now. When ever a bomb goes off and innocent people lose there lives, every one of my country men feels sad and helpless...i can never imagine the pain and sorrow one feels upon losing a loved one to this mindless violence. Last week, my home town was the centre of this madness. 45 people lost their lives and scores of them were injured. Never has such an incident instilled a sense of fear in me..shook me to the core.... or made me scamper for the phone.
The bombs went of at places i used to visit frequently....not just me....but every person in that city. The news gripped me with fear like never before. I couldn't recollect phone numbers of loved ones which were at the tip of my tongue....i found myself calling every friend i knew and ensuring everything was fine with them and their loved ones.....It could have so easily been someone i knew. What makes it even more scary is the fact that i still have images of hanging out at those place with my folks and buddies. I would bunk classes and go to these places to freak out. Parents would bring their kids to these places over the weekend to have a good time. I can still remember some of the pranks my buddies played at those places.....

I am so glad my country men haven't been scared or bogged down by such heinous acts and have gone about their lives like nothing happened. Deep down i know they fear the worst but that doesn't keep them from hoping for the best and walking tall with their heads held up high. I guess its time to fight back.How much ever one likes Gandhigiri, it's high time we switch over to Munna bhais old ways of doin things.

"Eent(8)h ka jawab Pathar se deneka"

Jaddu ki Jhappi aint working any more

I salute the people of Hyderabad for the way they have dealt with this tragedy and my heart goes out to all those people who have lost someone to this incident. (Damn that line sounds like a freaking politician making a sorry ass statement)


"You'll take my life but Ill take yours too

You'll fire you musket but Ill run you through

So when your waiting for the next attack

You'd better stand there's no turning back"

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crash and Burn
Fortune fame
Mirror vain
Gone Insane
But the memory remains
And so, a billion dreams came crashing down today. The “Men in Blue” are virtually out of the World Cup. The only chance “the boys” have, to advance to the next round is if the minnows of the tournament..or rather the Giant Killers of the tournament Bangladesh lose to Bermuda. It’s more like a triangle now. With India, Bangladesh and Bermuda at the corners…Lets call it the Bermuda Triangle for the heck of it.
For me, half of the charm of the world cup was over the day Pakistan exited the tournament. For 80% of the cricket watching community, an India-Pakistan match is more like the world cup finals. You can have any team playing the finals, but for most of us, it doesn’t get better than this. An India-Pakistan match at the world cup is what we wait for every 4 years. And it’s always worth the wait. The juice is worth the squeeze……now where have I heard that before?? All you Elisha Cuthbert fans out there, you know what I am talking about. But (not butt) “The Boys” have added to my woes, they have added to the woes of a billion folks back home. The other half of the world cup charm suddenly seems like an impossible dream.
Now starts the worst phase of such a disastrous world cup campaign…The ANALYSIS
Countless hours of television programming will be devoted to countless people coming on countless channels to analyze the debacle. Stupid morons like Siddhu will be given yet another chance to yapp his ass off and make a fool out of himself yet again.

The Blame Game will go on and on for months to come. The amazing solutions people will come up with are even more engaging. For example

X should be kicked out of the team
The Coach should be fired
We need a Desi Coach
Maybe the stars weren’t on our side
(Shanni or Satan were at work)
Balh blah blah
The words “temperament” and “consistency” will be over used by every cricket guru. Every stand up comedian will have a ball cooking up joke after joke on our current cricket crisis. Aren’t we bored of this routine?
What pisses me off the most is the current reaction of the public. What on earth does a player’s family have to do with his inability to perform on the field? Why do they have to face harsh words or stones being pelted at their houses? How hurt would a player’s family feel to see his effigy burnt by a bunch of morons?

Does it still feel like a World Cup anymore..? I don’t think so
Sachin once told Saurav…..
“Dada, tension leneka nahi….sirf deneka” “Josh se nahi khelneka….Hosh se khelneka”

Sachin bahi…….I dint see any hosh..and definitely not any josh…Tension hamme kyon diya…doosri team ko dena tha…
Anyway all I care about is that hopefully, you guys gave it your best shot….
Its just a GAME after all…you win lose some, only too many in our case. The players are human..just like you and me…

Its weird, you know….this world cup doesn’t feel like a world cup anymore…
It’s been 2 weeks since the Cricket Carnival began…and what do we have….
1. Two of the biggest Cricketing nations out of the World Cup
2. One billion broken hearts..and
3. One Murdered Coach
Ash to Ash
Dust to Dust
Fade to Black
But the Memory remains…
yeah yeah yeah yeeeaaaah..
(kirk whips the whammy and the guitar wails)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Confessions of a Desi doing Research
I wish my life was more on those lines…….Well, my life was pretty much on those lines…., until School decided to make a comeback……and what a come back it was. Thanks to my brother, i got introduced to Metallica way back in high school. If it wasn’t for him, I would have had to wait another few years for some metal head to rescue me from the onslaught of POP MUSIC. Anyway….thanks to Rock “n” Roll and other derivatives of that genre, I am still alive…..
I got done with high school…just like million others from some Junior College down south…I got screwed in the competitive exams that would decide what I do with the next 4 years of my life…;for some reason….the Almighty saved my ass and I got into a good university; I graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering and a job in an IT company…… wondering how the hell am i gonna fit in…..But that doesn’t seem to bother the IT companies….for them, I guess i was just another graduate ready to work my ass off while they post huge quarterly profits and make the industry look so lucrative…
What did I do.? I decide to do my Masters instead….cuz the dollar dreams seemed more lucrative to me…
What happens when an Indian decides to do his Masters in the US…? Well, for starters, he begins to be known as a “DESI”. Desis are a bunch of highly determined individuals whose first priority when they set foot on American soil is to get funded. They can go to any lengths to prove how good they are at a host of things…,that barely ring a bell in their heads. Sometimes DESIs get funded before they set foot on american soil…these guys are minority.
So here I am….doing my Masters in the US… Do I see a stereotype in myself…?...Hell yeah……I am through with my share of bullshitting people about my hypothetical capabilities as a researcher or a web designer and what not. In my case the hypothetical researcher in me hit the bull’s eye and I got funded. I am into some serious research now. And I am having a tough time coming to grips with the “researcher” in me. People know me as someone who is really passionate about music, cars, bikes and electronics, least of all about studies. Research doesn’t seem to fit in my scheme of things. The level of enthusiasm my professor shows when I produce some good results seem beyond me. The way he gets all excited about stuff seams so alien. I guess he’s passionate about his work, just like I am about music or bikes. A few days back, I was explaining something about my research to one of my friends over the phone. At the end of it she said, “wow man, your life seems to have some meaning to it “. What she said, got me thinking. It’s startling to even comprehend that I might contribute something to science someday. And for the first time I started to enjoy my work. And I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but soon after that day I started making some good progress on my research. Now here’s the irony of the situation. Earlier I would dread every meeting with my prof.This is how a usual conversation sounded like-
Prof- hey..howse it goin?…have a seat
Me- oh its been okay.
Prof- are the papers making any sense to you?
Me- aahhha..ummm……a few yes..
Prof- hmmm…that’s what I do you have any ideas about how to go ahead?
Me- ummm…..well I wanted to know what the exact problem is(..shit..did I just say that)
Prof- Ohhhh….you know what…this happenes with all my students…I think I go really
fast when I start explaining stuff. Am sorry about that.
Me- (WHAT??????...isko kya hogaya)….(confused look) no…aa ummmm
Prof- Okay lets go s what I want you to do first…blah blah blah…
Me- ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…okay cool….
This went on and on with a bit of progress now and then….but now that I did make some serious progress,..for the first time, I wanted to fix up a meeting with him desperately. But the guy has been so busy, that he hasn’t been able to find time to meet me. It’s been 4 days and 3 emails, he finally replied today and fixed up a meeting next Monday. Sigh….I think all my enthu will die down by that time….
To be frank, the progress I made isn’t that big a deal in terms of my final research goals. And the work I did isn’t any where close to ground breaking, though I put in a lot of hours into it, but for me to actually enjoy RESEARCH is a big step…now I really wanna quote Neil Armstrong..but I ll give it a pass.....
A very common thing I hear from all my friends back about my social life…..nah……….whom am I kidding… be precise….about my sex life. You see, folks back home think, that American women are piece of cake. So you often find my ORKUT scrap book with scraps like..
”dude…..koi firang patti?.....please tell me you lost your virginity..”
“dude…how many times have you done it”….
”abbey US is a place full of opportunities”
“ what else did you go to the US for?”
Guys, amidst all the bull crap that I have to pull off everyday, scoring with firang chicks doesn’t seem like something I would have among my priorities. How ever lame that might sound, but I can’t help it guys. Wagging my tongue at every other firang I see is all I can do. For now, getting done with my research and dreaming about riding a bike with 100 horses of power at my command is all i care about...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Numero Uno= Michael Schumacher

It saddens me....that Schumi s gonna retire at the end of this season....He has been my sporting hero ever since i was introduced to Formula 1...The first race that i ever saw was the one at Monaco when Schumi had returned from his injury...and Ferrari finished one two with Eddie Irvine winning the race...Mika hakkinen was leading the championship...I instantly fell in love with Schumi's breathtaking overtaking maneuvers, his speed and how he kept improving with each passing lap....i knew he s gonna be champion in the next season..and it did happen..not once.not twice..but several times over...breaking all possible records on his way to 7 world championships.....i doubt any one's gonna be able to dominate F1 like he did....Its shear brilliance....and no one comes close to his class when it comes to driving in the rain....
The raw aggression that he drives with makes every race worth a watch..he has had his share of controversies..but what the makes Schumi all the more exciting to watch....its a pleasure to watch him jump up on the podium every was the 90th time he did it last weekend...The infusion of young blood into the sport in recent times coupled with a rare screwed up Ferrari package last season..might have pushed him back into the ditches of failure..much to the amusement of his critics......Look whose laughing now suckers,Schumi's back with a bang this season...and it doesnt matter if he doesn't win a record 8th world championship...he has proved it throughout this season...that no one can rest in peace as long as he s on the grid raring to go in his prancing horse.No one delighted the army of scarlet clad fans all over the world like Schumi Schumi Schumi will continue to do as long as he s associated with the sport....Will miss you Schumi....and am glad its Kimi whose gonna be filling the void that you'd be leaving behind.
Thanks for every time you qualified,for every corner you took,for every time you waived at me,for every victory you gave me and for being my HERO..will miss u Schumi...

Lagge Raho Munna Bhai

I guess am still not done with Gandhi ji..i think am gonna call him Bappu from now..sounds much more cool....frankly speaking i dont find any reason as to why i should call him something that sounds cool..i guess its something to do with this amazing bollywood flick that i watched recently.....
Gandhigiri....dint understand...? bole toh..gandhi ka style mamu...
The way baapu s teachings were depicted in this flick was amazing..though i don't believe in them..but it was a good way to showcase his teachings....
After seeing this flick all i can say is that...Baapu..u always had a place in my heart..maybe everyone's heart....but i still stand by what i wrote in my previous we really have to show it..rather prove it from time to time..?
I find Circuits arguments just amazing...abt the fact that all the crimes he committed never got him behind bars..but the one time he apologised for a crime gets him behind bars....simply amazing...Kudos to the writers....
Sanju baba was his usual best...Arshad Warzi truly gets under the character s skin..he seems to love the character so much...and i guess no one could have played Circuit better...Boman irani was awesome too.....a special mention abt VIDYA she looks so pretty...Dil agaya uspe...
Chalo then...baapu..your point has been made again...probably in a better way this time....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gandhi Ji- do we really hate him

I saw this movie called "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara" produced by Anupam Kher. He also plays the main character in the movie. Basically the movie revolves around this writer, who has started to lose his memory and for some reason begins to believe that he had killed Gandhi Ji, and that it was an accident. In the climax of the movie, he says something that Gandhi Ji apparently tells him...

I will summarize what Gandhi Ji tells him..."I don’t want this false affection and respect that India gives me. They have caged me in currency notes, put up statues, but no one actually cares. They come visit me just twice a year. I don’t want this false love"

I personally started disliking (I wont use the word hate) him, when I was in junior school. Basically because there was a chapter in my Hindi text book about him and his teachings that too in every year of my studies up till 9th class. I thought i was done with him by 9th, but to my utter disappointment, there was a huge passage on him in my 10th class English board exam. That’s when my disliking for him reached unseen heights. The prime reason being that lessons on or about him were tough .And year after year being taught about him was more like an overdose of Gandhi Ji. Sometimes it felt forceful to learn those lessons. And eventually those lessons turned out to be the ones, one was tested the most on .I usually managed to scrape through the Hindi exams, much to the relief of my mom .I used to dislike him from the core. Frankly speaking, I learned a lot more about him through this movie called "GANDHI" than i learned through those crazy lessons. I do remember several lessons that were taught during my junior schooling, but I fail to recollect any lesson about Gandhi Ji.

During my 11th and 12th class and then during my college days, I realized that I was not alone in feeling this way about Gandhi Ji. Lots of my friends felt the same way. There are a million jokes on Gandhi Ji, and they do make a good laugh. Stories of him being a sexual maniac did the rounds in chatting sessions ,though sessions about him were very rare .I don’t know if those stories are true, but never the less, it added fuel to furry(not exactly furry). 2nd October, Gandhi Ji's birthday is a national Holiday. And all I do is thank him for being born on this day. When an elderly person, be it a teacher or a grand parent starts telling me about Gandhi Ji, I feel like running away from there..its like.."havent I heard enough, when will u let me go"..for how long will we be reminded about what all he did.
I don’t think any of the students or for that matter anyone else, denies what he has done for India. I personally respect him for what he was and what all he did for me to enjoy this freedom .I think every Indian acknowledges this. "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara" did get me thinking about a few things.

Do you think Gandhi Ji cares about how people feel about him now?
Does he want people to worship him?
Isn’t it enough for him to realize that, the current generation respects and acknowledges what he did for India?

One cant force someone to develop a liking towards Gandhi Ji. It is for one to decide for him/her self, how he/she feels about Gandhi Ji."Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara" was a good movie, but the message the producer wants to convey doesn’t appeal to me. I personally think Gandhi Ji isn’t so lame to have said those lines...The writer seems to have got it wrong.
I don’t think I hate him..I don’t think I like him either. Am just indifferent when it comes to him..but I do acknowledge everything he has done for this country...